Services provided by Hannah’s Place, Inc. are free and confidential. Call the office for more information regarding services. (252) 541-2037

Hannah’s Place, Inc. works with leaders from various faith communities to raise awareness about domestic violence and sexual assault and provide them with tools and resources to help victims.

Hannah’s Place provides the following services:

  • 24-hour crisis line
  • Hospital Advocacy
  • Crisis intervention
  • Court Advocacy
  • Assistance with Protective Orders
  • Safety Planning
  • Latino Outreach
  • Emergency Assistance – to victims and their families, including shelter, transportation, aid in applying to either legal or social services
  • Shelter – a safe place to relax and plan for the future
  • Support – maybe you lost strength, we’ll try to help you regain it. Individual and group support sessions
  • Referral and Information – we can try to help you find and get help from the Community resources
  • Confidentiality – you can talk about your problems and know that it is not going any further.
  • Community education – we will provide a speaker to address your group about the issue of domestic violence or sexual assault.
  • School presentations
  • Volunteer opportunities